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An Exceptional International Professional Knowledge Further Entrepreneurial Educational Professional Body came about from 1981 the Corporation of Executives and Administrators, with the vision and mission of offering internationally accepted, recognised and employers endorsed UK Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Diplomas and Distinguish Memberships!

Who is Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) and what is their aim?

The Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) is the brain child of 1981 The Corporation of Executivesand Administrators (CEA) who is a unique international Professional Body of Great Britain, who are known as a Non – Profit, Quasi Charity Professional Learning Institution. This privilege has given the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)to be known and accepted as a facilitator of UK Professional Further Educational Awarding Body with the focus on to produce noteworthy Distinguish Professional Knowledgeable Entrepreneurial Administrators for the third millennium. The founders of Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) were enlightened in 2014 to give the importance in recognizing Professional Training and Work Experiences and awarding an acceptable Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualification and Distinguish Membership for Non-Academic Working Personnel.

But since the year of 2005, the 1981 CEA had the vision of differentiating the Higher Educational Learning Methodologyfrom ProfessionalHands on Training Further Education. As general norm every person follows the traditional academic learning path to gain the knowledge, but failed to appreciate and recognise the knowledge gained by Hands On Work Experiences. This is where Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)’s Professional Knowledge Awards comes and it is made very clear that it has to be earned, rather than awarded directly. To this effect, in the year of 2014, Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) branched off to offer the Further Professional Knowledge EntrepreneurialWork Oriented Educational Qualifications. To give the quality of Entrepreneurial Knowledge Qualification and Distinguish Memberships. In order to implement this vison, the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) did joint hands with UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) who are monitored to the Quality Standards of ISO 9001:2008 and their own Professional Quality Management Standards PQMS 5001:2005 to be there exclusive assessors and verifiers for all their awards.

How did Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) evolved?

In the year of 2005 The CHRISTHJOMAS Corporate Trust (CTCT)was incorporated to the UK Company Act under the section of SIC (92) with not having a share capital with dedicated company act code of 9112 in offering legitimate UK Accredited Professional Knowledge Awards. The CTCT was incorporated as a Professional Educational QUASI- CHARITY by way of Limited Guarantee and Non Profit UK Professional Body.CTCT Executive Board of Governors did meet the entire legal obligation as a legitimate licensed UK Professional Awarding Body in the year 2005. But in the year of 2014, it changed their name to Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) in conjunction with 1981 The Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA) to focus to elevate the Non Academic Working Personnel to become a reputable and acceptable Distinguish Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Administrators.

Who is managing the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)

The Trustees of theConsortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)on a voluntary basis has undertaken in managing, operating, developing and declaring and taking care of the revenue from theirInternational Coordinating Centre.

Who are the Trustees of Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)?

Currently they are Academically and Professionally Qualified Entrepreneurs and Businessmen, and UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) whohave decided to give their time and knowledge of experience free of chargewith their own personal expertise in order to offer opportunity and privilege for every matured working individual in gaining the appropriate Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Distinguish Membership.

How does the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) Operation work?

The ExecutiveBoard of Governors and Councils have decided to setup their operation in the following manner.

  • Registered Office to handle all governmental enquiries.

  • International Coordination Office handles all enquiries and back office administrative operations. Consults all official matters in relation to the Consortium of       Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) Operation and executive official congregate for seminars, conference or meetings.

  • Business Development & Publication Office meets the request of marketing, promotions, and publication and advertising matters.

  • Governor General Office, where the official meetings of dignitaries are held.

Any special membership and benefits?

Yes, Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) offersvery special categories of membership to every candidate based on their great of know2le3dge achieved by their Work Experiences.

  • 1. Affirmed Entrepreneurial Administrators (AEA)

  • 2. Renowned Entrepreneurial Administrators (REA)

  • 3. Executive Entrepreneurial Administrators (EEA)

  • 4. Universal Entrepreneurial Administrators (UEA)

Add to this Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)’s publication such as “ADMIN TIMES in collaboration with 1981 The Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA). Each individual will be eligible as per the grade of Membership category can describe as “DISTINGUISH ENTREPRENEURIAL ADMINISTRATORS”.

Who does the Examination, Assessment and Verification of (CEA) applicants?

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)’s Trustees have given this vital task to the UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL)who is a subsidiary division of Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA), with the sole purpose of maintaining Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS) in assessing, examining and verifying individuals, institutions and organisations before awarding any of Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)’s representation or qualifications and memberships.

Why assessment, examination and verification were given to UK-CCL?

Although quality assurance is a fundamental responsibility of Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA), but it has authorized UK-CCL to handle it on behalf of them, as they have the approval of the ISO Standard and Guideline as the assessors, examiners and verifiers under reference of BS-EN-9001:2008 with certification number GB-14390. The International Standardization Organization (ISO) is the only quality assurance system recognized by the intergovernmental agreement between 148 different countries. The ISO encourages institutions to adopt the standards in both self-certification and external audit processes.

Does the ISO endorsement give any benefit to (CEA)?

Yes, because all the candidates are assessed, examined and verified By UK-Commission For Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) This function is carried out as per the methods and quality assurance of ISO Standards and Professional Quality Management Standards of UK-Commission For Consistent Learning (UK-CCL)

What is unique about UK-CCL’s assessment?

All the candidates’ documents are examined and verified individually by UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL)by their approved professionals in their respective countries. UK-Commission For Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) nominates professionally qualified and experienced academics and professionals to execute their tasks in many countries as their External Assessors and Verifiers. This facilitation is offered to ensure that every applicant could be able to appear in person to confirm their eligibility for the award. UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) has a Regional Operational Director so as many countries as possible can maintain and execute the highest level of quality standards.

Does (CEA) have any special scheme for candidates to enrol?

Yes, Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) has two methods when accepting their applicants.

  • 1. Affirmation for Prior Experience & learning (APEL)

  • 2. Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD)

Most of the candidates are considered under the ACPD, as the applicants comes from many busy working or business individuals. As the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) awards are conferred to Work Based and Matured Applicants, thereforeConsortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA)’s awards are assignments and oral examinations and ACPD schemes are more popular within the prospective applicants.

Why do you say (CEA)’s awarding certificate is unique?

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) awarding certificate is unique because it has the approval of both the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) and UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL), which jointly gives further endorsement and enriches the professional quality standards that are maintained to the European levelof qualifications. The Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualification cannot be bought, rather every applicant has to make every effort to be earned rather than awarded. Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA)’s assessments are practical orientated rather than a rigid academic method. Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA)professional knowledge qualifications are for matured work experienced individuals, who can demonstrate their knowledge in their respective profession. Every Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) professional knowledge qualification is categorised to the individual’s work specialisation to demonstrate the worthiness and acceptance internationally as a Distinguish Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Administrators.

Can any training or education provider offer (CEA) qualifications?

Yes, why not. Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)welcomesany one to join in offering their Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications as a potential new facilitator of the Learning Academy. Please contact us via email by giving full details, the area of your interest and the scheme that you wish to offer. The UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) Office will coordinate via their respective representative as soon as possible.

Is (CEA) interested in a strategic partnership and can this be discussed?

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) is very selective in entering into such relationships and will only do so when certain criteria are clearly met. A full detailed business proposalwith clearly statedintentions, an available financial capacity and the back ground of the individuals of this partnership will need to be taken care of first. The International Affairs Administrator will respond to this query initially.

How do I apply? When can I start?

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) is proud to say to their prospective candidates that, the recognition what they gained it is purely asa Work Based Entrepreneurial Knowledge Qualification,there for no time limit attached for enrolment. Anyone can enrol any time of the year either directly with the International Coordinating Centre or Local Representative Offices in respective countries. Every applicant is considered on an individual merit and assessment and verification carried independently by UK-CCL and ascertain their worthiness for the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA)’s appropriate Qualification and Distinguish Memberships.

Does Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) give any credit for life experience?

Yes, under the scheme of ACPD & APEL, Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)’s vision, mission and objective is to elevate every working licensed individual to gain a reputable and acceptable professional knowledge qualification and memberships to bring them to the level of an academic professional.

Are Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) awards accepted in employment?

Yes, because Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) confers Work Oriented practical and ProfessionalEntrepreneurial Knowledge Awards. When Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) confers their awards as Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Diplomas and Distinguish Memberships as it is awarded to candidates who are legitimately licensed work experienced individuals.It is made clear to everyone concern that, Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) award is known to beas a Professional Knowledge Achievement.

Therefore, acceptance and recognising comes as the individualised decision taken by the respective person or organisation and it is left to the individual discretion. It is with great pleasure, we can confirm that, many of our candidates have benefited with our professional knowledge awardsfor their career enhancement. To this effect we have received positive feedback from employers whom we have consulted, indicating that the personalized nature of our awards and it has high appreciation from the private business community. In relation acceptance of Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) Qualifications and Membership, it is the responsibility for individualto verify and satisfy themselves. As currently UK Government does not have any monitoring organisation in this regard. The Consortium Of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) awards are Work Oriented and offered to Licenced Working Persons.

Do you accept transfer credit from other institutions?

Yes, why not, Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) accept transfer of credits from other institutions and partly qualified matured students on a case-by-case basis within available limits. On the other hand, Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA)generally has an open-minded approach in allowing the candidate an opportunity to prove their Work Knowledge to confirm eligibility for Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) awards.

Are credits from (CEA) accepted by other learning institutions?

It is a vital question, butConsortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) cannot give any under taking in this regard as relevant decisions concerning the acceptance ofConsortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA)’s Professional Work Ordinated Entrepreneurial Knowledge awards strictly depends on the receiving institution admission policies and are made at the sole discretion of the individual institution.Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) has no power over their decision. Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)’s Board of Governors wish to state that; they do not make anyclaim nor representation whatsoever with reference to the transferability option to other awarding institutions. Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) qualifications are explicit and unique as they are based on work experience and prior learning along with Academic awards.

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)’s ExecutiveBoard of Governors would like to advise in advance to every applicant that, who is consideringin obtaining a degree qualification orintending totransfercredits to any other awarding body, that they must not take for grantedthat the credits earned at Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)will be accepted by the awarding bodies without first verifying this independently prior to their enrolment.Please be advised that, an institution's legal or accreditation status does not guarantee that credits earned from Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)wouldbe accepted for transfer to another institution. It is impossible to state by Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) to confirm that, whichawarding institution, will acceptfor their entry or top-up programmes. It is mandatory for every prospective applicant individually verify acceptance and recognition to satisfy their particular needs.

Are scholarships available?

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) being anindependent international non-governmental non-profit quasi charity private institution and does not participate in government-funded aid programmes and it cannot offer a general scholarship scheme.However,Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) being an affiliate of UK- Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) of Great Britain can consider some scholarships on an individual basis with the approval of UK-CCL for candidates from the developing counties. On the same token Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) is actively seeking any donors to come forward in sponsoring any candidates via the UK-CCL scheme. Candidates may seek assistance from their current employers or private financial commercial loan companies. If any documents are required regarding confirmation acceptance of any award, Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)’s admission department will assist the candidates, as long as the prospective candidate makes a written request.

Do you issue printed prospectus?

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) believes and supportsa green environment, therefore it is readily available for print from their dedicated website and as such Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)does not send it by postal mail.

Do you accept applicationsvia telephone consultation?

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) does not believe in a telemarketing concept, but does depend and support personal and individual references. Telephone consultations are offered to clarify any doubts and assist the prospective candidates with any additional information that they may require. All applicants must Complete Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)’s official application along with a detailed CV. These must be enclosed for the initial assessment to be carried out.The use of telephone processes in admissions is usually a cover for high-pressure sales and marketingcounsellors paid on commission.Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)always wants the applicant to think carefully and independently before making any decision and to be absolutely sure before enrolling. There is no high-pressure sales talk because Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)’s emphasis is purely on achieving high quality awards and satisfaction.

What are the Fee Structure Procedures?

A Non Refundable Registration fee is payable by every applicant at the time of initial submission of documentation. Thereafter, fees are determined by the AssistantRector of Finance who is in charge of the Bursary. The fee structure is reviewed in the third week of December every year. Every provider of Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) awards must adhere to the fee structure that has been produced by the Bursary. The only person who has full authority to award any fee deduction will be the Executive Governor General. The fee comprises of Registration, Knowledge Assessment, Verifying and Awarding. All fees must be remitted to the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) Bank Account nominated by the Board of Governors in conjunction to Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA).

How docandidates and members communicate with each other?

The Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) Alumni Association managed by thePast and Present Active candidates and members on voluntary basis to offer the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) candidates with International Working partnership and relationship for good cordial relationship.

Docandidates and members give any testimonials to confirm the benefit of (CEA) qualifications?

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) Board of Governors are very proud to say that their candidates and members are always ready share positive testimonials and recommend other candidates to gain the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) qualifications and memberships. Currently Consortium Of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) does not take part in anylarge-scaleadvertisements, but keep their presence by word of mouth and personal referral only.

Can I ask a question that isn't answered here?

Please feel free to ask us anyquestions and we will be ready to assist you in whatever way possible. You can do so by email please.

The Founders of Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) proudly declare that, they make the effort to come out with initiative vison and concept, but that is later followed up by many others. That is how Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Diploma came about in 2014.

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) is aNon-Conventional UK Professional Body offering Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Diplomas and Distinguish Membershipsfor the Third Millennium!!!

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) is not a virtual but
an Intensive Professional Body providingfor today’s professional needs.

Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) gives priority for today’s licensed Working
Professionals with Professional Distinguish Membershipsto be known and accepted
as the Distinguish Entrepreneurial Administrators of their work achievements.

An opportunity is offered by Consortium Of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)
for those who do not hold any prior academic qualifications, but can ascertain their
ability by confirming their knowledge achievements by way of hands on work experience,
they can obtain the Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Diploma and Distinguish Membership.


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