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The CEA Compromises a Highly Motivated Work Based Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Distinguish Administrator Memberships to Every Individuals Who are seeking to uplift their career image to a Professional Level!The CEA is being a unique international professional body and the Governors and Council Members have foreseen the necessity for an “Eminent Certified Endorsement” to the candidates who have gained their Traditional Academic nor Non Traditional Degree Qualification, who wishes to portray their image being accepted to a UK Professional Eminent Certification. This qualification recognition did commence in the year of 2005. The CEA’s Board of Governors have dedicated in developing their main centre of attention in converting their awards on a practical work oriented qualifications and memberships.


The Executive Board of Governors have passed a resolution in the year of May 2014 at their Extra Ordinary Governors Meeting in consultation with UK-CCL and have come to a conclusion in stipulating the specific Professional methodology which to be facilitated for the CEA Professional Awards. This has made in creating the three modes of Professional Assessment Centres which are known as National, Regional and District Assessment Centres. It is agreed that CEA Professional Assessment Centres will be monitored and supervised by UK-CCL Head of Operation in London who will take charge of providing all the tools in related to monitoring and supervising delivery of Professional Assessment and Verification Procedures to the Professional Quality Management Standards of UK-CCL PQMS 2005:5001. UK-CCL will assist and facilitate CEA Assessment Centres with all the Professional materials and help the individual candidates to achieve the CEA Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Certifications to make it viable to earn it on a flexible manner.

Any Assessment Institutions wishes to become one of the Accredited Professional Assessment Centres of the CEA must have the approval of Country’s Emissary Office and UK-CCL. The CEA Governing Board has given the power to UK-Commission for Consistent Professional (UK-CCL) to carry out the Centre Validation to the level of ISO 9001:2008. Without the prior approval of UK-CCL Centre Recognition Certification, no representation will be considered in any nomination or facilitation.

This has been empowered by the Executive Board of Governors of CEA and has come about with Three Types of Professional Assessment Centres to facilitate their Professional and Vocational Certification. Each country will have one National Professional Assessment Centres per country but many Regional and District Professional Assessment Centres as per country determine by the County’s Emissary. Therefore, all Regional and District Assessment Centres must adhere with UK-CCL and Country’s Emissary Office procedures. The three Professional Assessment Centres are as follow:-

  • I) National Professional Assessment Centres (NPAC)

  • II) Regional Professional Assessment Centres (RPAC)

  • III) District Professional Assessment Centres (DPAC)

All applications will have to come by one the above channel as they can provide all the facilities and the professional plan for all the individuals who seeks this valuable Entrepreneurial Professional Knowledge Qualifications this is to determine the accurate level of work experience. The validity of each representation is for limited period, due to the fact of maintaining Professional high quality of facilitations. Periodical visit will be carried out by the appointed and approved independent assessing and validating body UK-CCL. It is a mandatory requirement to become one of the CEA facilitator; the respective institution must have centre approval of UK-CCL certification. Failure to have it, the representation application will be rejected.


  • 1. Observation ( Three Months Period)

  • 2. Affiliation (Six Months Period)

  • 3. Representation (Three Year Period with Annual Renewal Condition)


CEA Elevated Moral Values: -

  • To improve qualifications, maintain quality and practices, towards maintaining appropriate methods of learning to enhance individual achievements.

  • To facilitate "best practices" and quality assurance on an international basis thus enabling members to enter into a dialogue and to learn from each other.

  • CEA believes that international Consortium can help other institutions to learn on Entrepreneurial Knowledge Qualifications from different nations to learn from each other        without any dwindling of their autonomy.

  • CEA will negotiate between professional and vocational institutions / organisations and offer solutions to resolve any problems, when deemed necessary.

  • Assurance of professional quality, reliability, administrative responsibility and capability.

  • CEA Quality Seal confirms the assurance to any individual, employer and establishment of quality standards according to UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) as         it is to the quality delivery standards to ISO 9001:2008 Compliance.

  • CEA believes in improvement through the self-assessment process, providing institutions with considerate analytical assistance to act on their own solutions and strategies        for improvement. This will maintain effective checks and control to cultivate public confidence and improvement.

  • CEA has a high commitment to professional and vocational qualification values by adopting corporate, strategic or marketing objectives.

  • CEA is committed to continuous professional development and adopts widely accepted norms of good business and employment practice.

  • The character & enhancement that CEA engages in, for the improvement of professional quality learning techniques and professionalism will boost the reputation of         individuals and institutions.

  • CEA believes many nations are becoming more liberal and are adapting professional knowledge qualifications via accreditation systems. This is fast becoming a global         trend.

  • CEA accreditation reflects the comparative advantages of numerous core values of independence, self-governance, and the assurance of professional quality.

  • CEA endorsement is the confirmation given as the Entrepreneur in respective profession either in employment or business.

  • CEA focuses on every non-academic working person to be elevated as to the level of traditional academic person in their respective career.

  • CEA does not give a paper certification, but rather the recognition that every Hands on Working Individuals who needs as the supporting pillar to move forward in their        employment or business.


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