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The CEA Is the Beacon of Tomorrow’s Business Leaders by Lifting All Middle, Senior and Executive Management Employees to Become an Entrepreneurial Professional Knowledge Diploma Holders and Distinguish Administrators by way of Recognising the Work Experiences What They Have Already Gained as a Licenced Professionals in their respective field career accomplishments.

The CEA Compromises a Highly-Motivated Work Based Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Distinguish Administrator Memberships to Every Individuals Who are seeking to uplift their career image to a Professional Level!The CEA is being a unique international professional body and the Governors and Council Members have foreseen the necessity for an “Eminent Certified Endorsement” to the candidates who have gained their Traditional Academic nor Non-Traditional Degree Qualification, who wishes to portray their image being accepted to a UK Professional Entrepreneurial Eminent Certification. This qualification recognition did commence in the year of 2005. The CEA’s Board of Governors have dedicated in developing their main centre of attention in converting their awards on a practical work oriented qualifications and memberships.


The Executive Board of Council of CEA have fathomed out to confer number of Chatter of Fellowship Membership Awards such as ENTREPRENEURIAL PLATINUM FELLOWSHIPS (EPF) and SUPREME KNOWLEDGE FELLOWSHIP (SKE), which are to be known and accepted as the Beacon of UK Professional Quality Entrepreneurial Membership Award for the international arena. This is to bestow upon as a special and unique recognisable endorsement for every successful working individual, who on their own right demonstrate their worthiness to be accepted as the entrepreneur.

It is not an academic membership nor a Qualification but it is the highest professional commendable accolade that can be bestowed upon a chosen Working or Business Enterprise individual. It is a unique recognition that would forge better fellowship amongst international academicians and professionals. It would also give the opportunity for CEA to enhance the quality of Profession and Vocational Qualifications by introducing the concept of ‘UK Professional Body Standards of Compliance’.

This Fellowship Membership awards are the utmost tribute is conferred upon chosen individual after careful research carried out and emphasising the worthiness of this compliment of CEA. This unique recognition that would forge the individual to be known and accepted outwardly as better fellow amongst others international Academicians, Professionals and Business Entrepreneurs. It would also give the opportunity for CEA to enhance the quality of Professional Entrepreneurial Qualifications by introducing this vision of theirs as the CEA’s Uppermost Accolade.

The CEA’s emphasise is that Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Membership must serve the society to recognise and endorse the credit worthiness of everyone’s personnel entrepreneurial achievements. The rapid political, social and economic changes across the world have brought an increased demand for the reform of traditional education systems to meet the challenges of the next century thus improving the access to more cost-effective quality professional knowledge qualifications. The pundits of CEA focus and dedicated in the development of Professional Knowledge Certifications with professional quality which should be implemented to institutional integrity and administrative responsibility. In an age when specialisation and flexibility are essential, there is a need for Knowledge based professional and vocational qualifications and notable professional awarding body memberships to be broad, comprehensive and a lifelong learning process which is handed over at their Conferment Ceremony.


The Executive Board of Governors, Council and Trustees of CEA wishes to recognise as one of their Platinum of Award as a worthy and a highly valuable membership award recognition to be described as the ENTREPRENEURIAL PLATINUM FELLOWSHIPS (EPF). This individual clarification is to known to be the Professional High Standards of Business Entrepreneurship. This is a unique and highest professional platinum recognition and endorsement to be known as the CEA’s Supremacy of Court of Arms. The ENTREPRENEURIAL PLATINUM FELLOWSHIPS (EPF) is conferred to individuals who could demonstrate of their unique eligibility of their worthiness for this highly reputable recognition.

The ENTREPRENEURIAL PLATINUM FELLOWSHIPS (EPF) award is the highest platinum accolade that could be bestowed upon any successful individual by CEA as an appreciation, recognition and achievement of an individual’s contribution to society or the nation. CEA being the inspirational Further Education Professional Knowledge Awarding Body for this twenty first century millennium year.

This one of the highest accoladeof ENTREPRENEURIAL PLATINUM FELLOWSHIPS (EPF) Membership Award is the confirmation of Professional Knowledge gained by way of hands on work output of a person either in their working life or business success. Therefore, it is conferred to any individual whom they seem proper and appropriate and must be recommended and proposed by an institution or organisation. It is not an academic honour to a person but it is a recognition bestowed on a person for his or her contribution to the society wellbeing or developments.

The pundits of CEA along with UK-Commission for Consistent Learning always focus on professional quality, institutional integrity and administrative responsibility. In an age when specialisation and flexibility are essential, when considering to bestowed any recognition to individual intellectual contribution for the society. Therefore, there is a need for professional entrepreneurial qualifications which will enlighten and broad the mind of business and working professional for their responsibility to the society and making known the comprehensive lifelong learning process. The rapid political, social and economic changes across the world have brought the awareness of increased demands for the reform of traditional education systems to meet the challenges of the next century thus improving the access to more cost-effective quality professional entrepreneurial qualifications. This is conferred upon any Senor Executive Managerial who is referred by their respective employers or Institutions or Organisation or Self-Made Business Entrepreneurs handed over at the Conferment Ceremony.


The Executive Board of Trustees, Governors and Council under the vision of their Platinum Award came about with Commendable Ratification of Supreme Knowledge Fellowship (SKF) upon any individuals or professional who can demonstrate their ability and prudency as an innovator in relation to educational or business or enterprising contribution to the betterment of the business society. This is a unique award of the CEA Supremacy of Court of Arms will give the motivation to any individuals to come up with latest innovation for the upward mobility for tomorrow’s business economic or environment. This Honorific Fellow is one of the Platinum Award of CEA will give the image of recognition and acceptance that CEA as one of UK leading Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Educational Awarding Body for the global arena as a noteworthy Professional Knowledge Highest Certifications for deserving working professionals who can demonstrate their innovating skill of their Hands-on Work Based Knowledge Learning. This Supreme Knowledge Fellowship (SEF) is conferred upon any Senor Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or any Company Chairman or Managing Directors.

The Supreme Knowledge Fellowship award is one of the highest accolade that could be awarded by the CEA as a recognition of Innovation on their own right. The CEA being the inspiration and unique UK Professional Awarding Body, whose emphasises to bring along the Hands on Working Personnel into one umbrella Organisation for the betterment of the global business society with the partnership UK Professional Quality Management Standards implementers and facilitator none other than UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL), can confer this highest accolade to any individual whom they seem proper and appropriate.


The applicant’s name should be proposed by an academician / professional who knows the applicant for more than five years in a professional capacity to be considered for one of this highest award of Entrepreneurial Memberships of CEA. The application should also be seconded by reputable and acceptable professional. A detailed life profile must be provided directly to the Executive Governing Board. The person who proposes and seconds should give specific reasons as to why the applicant should be considered for this CEA’s noteworthy highest accolade of Platinum Award.

The Executive Governing Board will review and analyse the proposal and make recommendations to the Awarding Committee for this unique highest Platinum Award membership. Upon acceptance the applicant would be informed of the outcome. An official letter of confirmation by the Executive Governing Board of CEA will give the indication of the category of Platinum Award of Fellowship. Thiswill be issued with the special Court of Arms Division of the CEA. This gratitude highest acknowledgement of CEA will be awarded in an auspicious Official Ceremony, whereby this Platinum Award of Fellowship will be known to the international business and professional world of today. The recipient would be entitled to use the respective designator lettersafter their name.

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