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Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) is a Great Britain Entrepreneurial Professional Awarding Institution, whose concept and vision is to facilitate a dedicated Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Qualifications and Distinguish Memberships for the Third Millennium. The birth of CEA is to give matured non-academic hands on working individuals the pathway to gain a worthy professional qualification to elevate their image to a professional status equivalent academic achievement. This recognition is a commendable endorsement that is due to all matured middle, senior and executive managerial working persons who has the right of gaining this Professional Knowledge qualification what every one needs in today’s economic world.

The Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) is incorporated as a Limited by Guarantee with No Shares and Non- Profit, Quasi Charity Professional Non Academical Awarding Institution. CEA’s incorporation comes under the UK company acts 2005 section of SIC (92) with dedicated company act code of 9112 offering legitimate UK Accredited Professional Educational and Vocational Qualifications and Work Based Knowledge Certified Memberships. The CEAP arrived form UK Professional Body of 1981 known to be The Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA) who has the it has the history of 34 years in the year 2015.

Principal Business Activity Code of Company House

  • 94120 Activities of Professional Membership Organisations
  • 85410 Post-Secondary Non-Tertiary Education
  • 85422 Post-Graduate Level Higher Education
  • 85590 Other Education N.E.C.

The CEA wishes to remain as an innovative entrepreneurial professional body to serve with three main ideologies - Aptitude, Attitude and Aspiration (Triple A’s). The objective is to build and support every working individual to become a recognised and accepted Knowledge Professionals by leveraging the power of work experience. The Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) being committed to be the Non Academical Knowledge Professional Awarding Body on their own right as per their memorandum of article of incorporation and the awards and memberships are examined, assessed and verified under the scheme of Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD) and Affirmation for Prior Experience & Learning (APEL). The CEA is fully focused on the emphasis for the third millennium hands on work experience rather than class room academic teaching.

We must commemorate the founders of CEA who has the vision, mission and commitment for the third millennium by giving the right emphasis by way of the highly privilege importance of recognising and endorsing the non-academic working individuals as a Professional Qualified Persons, due to the fact of their very valuable Professional Knowledge gained by their own Hands on Work Experience Learning, as every person who seeks to enhance their Knowledge in their respective profession.

This tremendous appreciation will boost and motivate every working person as they have been elevated to a recognised and accepted Professional Level. To this effect, CEA has committed to offer their Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Diplomas and membership in various disciplines, with appropriate titles. This vison and mission could be executed due to the fact of current Executive Governor General and Chairman of the Trustees of the Corporation of Executives and Administrators, none other than Professor Emeritus Ralph Thomas, who took the courage and the bold step in the formation of CEA as he has been closely involved in Further Higher Education Sector in UK since 1987 to this date. What his believe is to be a starter, thereby others follow and reap the benefit.

The CEA has developed through a natural process from the Corporation of Executives and Administrators of 1981 as a professional educational institution underpinning the best of two distinct worlds; theoretical and practical. The days of Lecture Theatres, Halls of Residence, and Binge Drinking through the nights amongst others have been marked for extinction by our political philanthropists ever since education became a burden to the States. Education Ministers throughout the world have experimented with various alternatives to replace the traditional methods but none have found a perfect solution. Japan and Germany have been advocating the integration of vocational training into theoretical learning from the outset but the rest of the world has been extremely slow to adopt the model. Even before the use of Computers began to grow exponentially, vocational qualifications were recognised and actively encouraged by the United States of America. Minimum requirements of any decent jobs have changed progressively from G.C.E ‘O’ Levels, G.C.S.E, G.C.E. ’A’ levels and now Work Based Professional Knowledge Qualifications are recognised and accepted.

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