WELCOME TO CEA ( Awarder of Lifelong Knowledge Learning Entrepreneurial Memberships )




From CEA’s vision as the founders mission is to offer Unique Professional Knowledge Status for the busy Non-Academic working person to be recognition and to progress career status that truly deserve in their working life. CEA is also dedicated their full effort of contributing towards respective employers to appreciate their employees’ contribution towards the success by conferring appropriate CEA Qualifications and Memberships. This vision of CEA has come in as doer for every working person to earn this recognition to further their career progress wish was lacking for many years. The CEA is proud to state here that it has become filling gap as a most important awarding body in the year of 2015.

The CEA Executive Board of Governors and Trustees do totally believe in this respect and has made research and developed a methodology which could be implemented by way of assessing every individual by way of Work Assignments and Oral Examinations to earn the worthwhile and reputable CEA Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Certified Membership, rather than forcing the traditional concept of class room learning with three hour examinations. To implement this very concept, the CEA’s General Executive Governing Board and General Executive Council did approach the UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) to assist them to implement the concept of ACPD and APEL Schemes as the verification methodology within the CEA’s academic panel. UK-CCL is implementing this very notion in since January 2006.

Academic Cradles could not resolve the main driving force of employers’ business growth, since newly graduated candidates lacked the necessary hands on skills to meet the employers’ current urgent requirements of practical knowledge of execution, with less hassle. Therefore, employers are seeking an applicant who has the hands-on skills rather than an academic degree gained at a traditional university. Now the CEA’s General Executive Governing Board and General Executive Council has taken notice of this above dilemma that an individual academically unqualified with no certification can meet the demands of the current employers by way of adequate hands on experience and skill knowledge which academically qualified persons currently lack. This is the main reason, CEA, has changed their method of Assessment and Verification Scheme to Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD) and Affirmation for Prior Experience & Learning (APEL) as the criteria for all their awards. This is where the CEA is scoring points in relation to their Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Qualifications.

An Executive Management Council (EMC) is nominated to manage the day-to-day operations and to take decision in consultation with the General Executive Governing Board and General Executive Council of CEA. The General Executive Council (GEC) is elected from within the members of the CEA. The EMC is not elected but nominated by the General Executive Governing Board and Council and the nominated persons can be removed from office if they breach any of the organisation's rules, or for non-compliance, or non-performance of their obligations. The General Executive Governing Board members are for life and they are the Trustees of CEA.

The purpose is to make and avail professional status to non-academic men and women of any age who have work experience but not having traditional academic qualifications and has followed training and short courses who desire to acquire a credible professional image in their respective field of profession. The CEA Executive Board of Governors met the legal obligation as a legitimate UK accredited Professional Awarding Body, who confers Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge qualifications to every working professional.

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