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Due to the unique incorporation partnership of the CONSORTIUM OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ADMINISTRATORS (CEA) with the brain child of 1981 THE CORPORATION OF EXECUTIVES AND ADMINISTRATORS (CEA) whose full attentiveness and emphasis in offering Entrepreneurial Professional Knowledge Distinguish Memberships, CEA is proud to announce of their individuality to recognise every self-motived Entrepreneur individual into a recognising listing under alliance to known to be “ENTREPRENEUR WHO’S WHO”. As indicated previously CEA Founders are known to be the Starter rather a Follower, they came up this unique concept in brining together innovative who are self-motivated Entrepreneurs of Third millennium.

The alliance of CEA can proudly announce that they have history since 1981 in providing UK Professional Qualifications and Membership in recognition of an individual’S achievement in his/her area of profession. This has made the Executive Board of Governors, Trustees and Council of Consortium to come up with the award to recognise and list them under the distinguish alliance of CEA’S “ENTREPRENEUR WHO’S WHO”.

This concept came into effective in the year 2015 by the leadership of resourceful Executive Governor General Professor Emeritus Ralph Thomas. This theory was able to execute under the division of “ADMIN TIMES”, which is the publication of CEA. The Consortium offers a range of highly competitive and exclusive benefits to help the members in operating their businesses or guidance in their respective field of business or employment with professional knowledge support.

Under the listing, the CEA Members gives the advantage of discounts and preferential rates on products and services, including professional indemnity insurance, legal / accountancy / tax services, remote data back-up and storage, and training courses within the member’S establishments internationally. To this effect the “ENTREPRENEUR WHO’S WHO” is the ideal Business Forum and the opportunity is given to discussed, share of experiences and make a good network consortium through the CEA website.

The CEA as the centre point of focus to be known as the significant Professional Entrepreneurial Awarding Organisation of Great Britain in facilitating professional activity by bringing fourth Distinguish Entrepreneurial Administrators for tomorrow’S business world. This recognition and acceptance of CEA Membership services is designed to enhance the performance of both its own members and the respective industries, where their members come.

From this forum of professionals, the Executive Council of Governors (ECG) will select highly motivated professionals into the listing of “CEA ENTREPRENEURIAL EXECUTIVES WHO’S WHO”. Time to come this listing will be published in the “ADMIN TIMES” as the remarkable endorsements by the CEA. The CEA Members are collective voice of the professional enhancement of tomorrow’S business and economic world. In CEA point of view, these recognition certifications will help to raise the entrepreneurial awareness within the wider circle of business world as a recognised professional disciplined within private and public sector of organisations. To be elected to the highly privilege listing of “CEA ENTREPRENEURIAL EXECUTIVES WHO’S WHO”, all the individuals who wishes to be listed in this Forum of Alliance must be an existing acting member of CEA more than ten consecutive years.

The Executive Council of Governors (ECG) is the governing council to change, supervise and implement the bylaws and the Article Memorandum of CEAPD, all candidates of “Executives Who’S Who” must have the approval. All intended members who wish their names to be admitted to this highest honour list, must forward their names to the Executive Governing Council, reasoning why they should be listed and their individual worthiness. On every first week of the month, the nominee list will be presented to the Executive Council of Governors for approval. It is a free listing, but applicants must have contributed in enhancement of CEA either by voluntary contribution either by financially, academically, marketing, further affiliations with institutions, employers, business organisation, entrepreneurs etc. Time to time Executive Council of Governors selects vital Business Executives & Highly Renowned Professionals in all disciplines of their significant achievements come together as a Forum of Alliance to share their views on a day of Workshop/ Seminar. This appreciation is shared with those who have reached to this level before them. It is as an exclusive club “BIRDS OF THE FEATHERS FLOCK TOGETHER”.

The “CEA ENTREPRENEURIAL EXECUTIVES WHO’S WHO” is an added windfall to the CEA’S Members. When you collaborate with distinctive membership, it is accepted that you are with the cream of elite professionals. All the professionals who are affiliated to “CEA ENTREPRENEURIAL EXECUTIVES WHO’S WHO” will be noticeable and contactable where it matters.


  • Name to be added to the “CEA ENTREPRENEURIAL EXECUTIVES WHO’S WHO” listing.

  • Will receive an exceptional designed certificate of confirmation.

  • Enhancing the knowledge with CEA’s Publications “ADMIN TIMES”

  • Opportunity attend CEA organised Workshops and Seminars.

  • Facility to participate Distinguish Entrepreneurial Awarding Ceremonies.

  • Privilege of Networking with CEA and its affiliated awarding institutions and organisations Internationally.

  • Prospect of nomination as Honourary Entrepreneurial Knowledge Post Graduate Diplomat of Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA)

  • The scope of heading any CEA delegations in representing Business Forum.

Further recognition to uplift even Non-Academic Working person to
an Appreciated Professional Level by Conferring the Award of

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