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The parent institution the Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA) has been providing UK Professional Knowledge Higher Educational Qualifications and Memberships since their inspection 1981 and in the year of 2005, came about to offer special recognition for every graduates with the remarkable recognition under the special membership endorsement of Distinguish Membership in recognition of an individual’s personal academic achievement in his/her area of profession. The founders of Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators(CEA) is enlighten for the third millennium year the importance in identifying Work Experienced Professionals and Assessment Organisations in offering them to gain a valuable and recognised Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Distinguish Membership this in order will uplift their Professional Image to the equivalent highest quality level to Academic Status.

It is also strictly adhered, mentored & supervised by the Executive Board of Governors and Management Council in implementing all the CEA Work Oriented Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Certifications on the merit of earning the necessary credit units to become worthy for the appropriate awards. To this effect, the Entrepreneurial Administrators plays the vital posting in delivering the appropriate levels of CEA Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Distinguish Memberships are to the Standard of ISO 9001:2008. This is implemented by UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL), who are an associate affiliated institution working alongside of CEA. On the same token, CEA Executive Board of Governors did approve of Two Main Sections. One division to focus on purely on the Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Methodology to offer appropriate Entrepreneurial Professional Direct Distinguish Memberships to working individual in their area of working profession.

The CEA Executive Board of Governors have made some serious changes in relation to Assessing and Verification concept for their Professional Qualifications and Certified Memberships in the year of 2015 to meet the current economic environment. This is to give correct quality assessment and verification procedures to emphasise the importance and worthiness of the Entrepreneurial Professional Awards of CEA to the international market arena. To perform this importance task, UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) come on board with the CEA. UK-CCL is being an ISO 9001:2008 certified Professional Institution, who has dedicated their services for Quality Professional Examiner, Assessors and Verifiers. UK-CCL also has developed their own policies in order to implement Professional Quality Management Standards under their PQMS 2005:5001 concepts. This facilitation is to ensure that, CEA Certified Memberships are to the Highest Professional Quality Management Standards. This implementation took effect from 2015.

Another strong advantage for the CONSORTIUM OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ADMINISTRATORS Further Professional Knowledge Education Institution that, the parent institution the Corporation of Executive & Administrators (CEA), who are a QUASI- CHARITY by Limited Guarantee as a Professional Body under the UK Company Act 1948 to 1981 section of SIC (92) with not having a share capital with dedicated company act code of 9112, who have transferred their Professional Awarding concept to CONSORTIUM OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ADMINISTRATORS, who are also non-profit UK Organisation, due to their mutual common association of trustees.

Mission Statement

The CONSORTIUM OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ADMINISTRATORS (CEA) is a Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Awarding institution which came out of 1981 UK Professional Body none other than The Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA). The Corporation is the only UK Professional Body in its Incorporation of Memorandum Article permitted to incorporate as many faculties it may seem necessary. This what CEA was formed with the Entrepreneurial Vision and Mission to confer specific this Non Academic award for matured licensed working matured individuals.

This remarkable vision came into effect in the year of 2015 with the emphasis to be on offering Entrepreneurial Professional Knowledge Distinguish Memberships in respective field of profession of individuals.The current stipulation in regard to all UK Professional Bodies are self-accredited institutions as a Non Profit Quasi Charity in offering professional memberships and diplomas which may permit them as per their constitution at the time of incorporation in their own rights as a self-regulated awarding bodies. This condition has been met by the CEA.

The United Kingdom as a whole has an exceptional character for excellence in the development of educational, vocational and corporate training awarding institutions in recognising work experience as their criteria for their award. This has given the CONSORTIUM OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ADMINISTRATORS (CEA) which took over an established Educational Trust which was established since 2005 in Great Britain, who can give tremendous value for their awards and memberships internationally. In order to implement this vision, CHRISTHOMAS Corporate Trust (CTCT) which was incorporated in Great Britain in the year May 2005 as a as a Limited by Guarantee with No Shares and Non- Profit did change their name to CONSORTIUM OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ADMINISTRATORS (CEA) in the year of 2015.

The CEA incorporated under the UK company acts 1985 regulation section of 2to 35 inculisive,54,55,57,59,102 to 108 inclusive,110,114,116 and 117 of Table A in the Schedule to the Companies (Tables A to F) Regulations 1985 and The Companies Act 1985 (Electronic Communications) Order 2000 (such Table being hereinafter called “Table A”), shall not apply to the company but the Articles hereinafter contained and, subject to the modifications hereinafter expressed, the remaining regulations of Table A shall constitute the Articles of Association of the company under the UK Company Act with Incorporation Number: 05445268 under the section of SIC (92) with not having a share capital with dedicated organisation act code of 9112 offering legitimate UK Accredited Professional Knowledge Distinguish Memberships. The CEA Executive Board of Governors did meet the legal obligation as a legitimate licensed UK Professional Awarding Body at the time of incorporation. It is known by all that the UK is a global leader in educational and professional corporate training development partners with other counties economic developments. Therefore, CEA awards are assessed by independent qualified assessors and verified for the confirmation of the eligibility for the award. This assessment is aligned to UK Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS). The accredited centres are annually audited and verified by reputable qualified professionals.


The CEA Executive Board of Governors and Trustees did meet on the 28th, November 2015 and passed a new resolution unanimously that, from 1st of December 2015 CEA will be offering Non Academic Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Distinguish Certified Membership for Hands on Working Executive Individuals who does not hold any traditional Academic Educational qualification but has extensive work experience to support the creditability. CEA’s Entrepreneurial Knowledge Distinguish Memberships are offered under the Credit Accumulation Transfer Scheme via Prior Learning and Managerial Work Experiences. After careful consultation and deliberations by the Trustees that they have come to firm conclusion that CEA level of qualifications do meet the European General Professional Quality Standards (EGPQS) and equivalent to International Distance Education Programme (IDEP).

It is also made to understand that, every applicant who follows the Professional Methodology must submit Career Project Work (CPW) Assignment as final written documentation. This has to be adhered as the methods of Assessment to all the CEA awards and memberships. The CEA Trustees, wishes to make clear to all that, the Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications and Distinguish Memberships are awarded under two specific scheme of Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD) and Affirmation for Prior Experience Learning (APEL). This is facilitated for matured working individuals and not school leavers. The CEA qualifications can be considered as the entry requirements for some Academic Awarding Institutions for Higher Educational Qualifications as an amalgamated educational pathway.

It is firmly made known by the Executive Governing Board, Council and Trustees of CEA that their Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Distinguish Memberships are conferred as the recognition of Knowledge that they earned via Hands on Working Route. Those who wish acquires the CEA Entrepreneurial Professional Knowledge Diploma Qualifications and Distinguish Memberships must strictly follow the Professional Scheme of attending necessary Workshops, Seminars and attending minimum of three Oral Viva Verification to confirm the eligibility for the appropriate Professional Knowledge Diplomas or Membership This will assist the candidate to achieve the appropriate Credit Units to transfer for the Professional Recognition.


The Governors and Council Members of CEA have come to conclusion since 2014 of the necessity for a “Distinguish Membership as an Exceptional Endorsement” for the matured worked experienced individuals, who can demonstrate of their worthiness to be accepted to anyone of the following memberships.

  • Certified Entrepreneurial Fellow (CEF)

  • Certified Entrepreneurial Member (CEM)

  • Certified Entrepreneurial Associate (CEA)

CEA in conjunction with and UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) is offering a very valuable and worthy Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Distinguish Memberships to working individuals, who could demonstrate of their entrepreneurship of their career progress. To this effect, UK-CCL has taken on the task of assessing the suitable candidates as per their assessment criteria. A reputable Distinguish Exceptional Professional Knowledge Membership is to enhance the individual’s professional image in the business society and work place. This awarding scheme made possible because of the Memorandum of Article had option to consider offer this unique distinguish membership. This Distinguish Exceptional Membership is to meet the growth of the Third millennium in enhancing by the accreditation of hands on experienced working individuals to a professional level. In another word CEA is dedicated objective is to encourage non-academic personals who has tremendous work experience knowledge, but do not hold any Academical certification to state that they are a professional, but CEA’s certification will raise them up to a recognisable professional status. The CEA wishes to underline that, the hands on matured working individuals must be given due recognition and acceptance in the market of place of employment and business, that needs the certification and that is legitimately full filed and beacon for facilitating Quality Professional Knowledge awards which are internationally accepted and Certified.

Moral Values

CEA Elevated Moral Values: -

  • To improve qualifications, maintain quality and practices, towards maintaining appropriate methods of learning to enhance individual achievements.

  • To facilitate "best practices" and quality assurance on an international basis thus enabling members to enter into a dialogue and to learn from each other.

  • CEA believes that international Consortium can help other institutions to learn on Entrepreneurial Knowledge Qualifications from different nations to learn from each other         without any dwindling of their autonomy.

  • CEA will negotiate between professional and vocational institutions / organisations and offer solutions to resolve any problems, when deemed necessary.

  • Assurance of professional quality, reliability, administrative responsibility and capability.

  • CEA Quality Seal confirms the assurance to any individual, employer and establishment of quality standards according to UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) as         it is to the quality delivery standards to ISO 9001:2008 Compliance.

  • CEA believes in improvement through the self-assessment process, providing institutions with considerate analytical assistance to act on their own solutions and strategies        for improvement. This will maintain effective checks and control to cultivate public confidence and improvement.

  • CEA has a high commitment to professional and vocational qualification values by adopting corporate, strategic or marketing objectives.

  • CEA is committed to continuous professional development and adopts widely accepted norms of good business and employment practice.

  • The character & enhancement that CEA engages in, for the improvement of professional quality learning techniques and professionalism will boost the reputation of         individuals and institutions.

  • CEA believes many nations are becoming more liberal and are adapting professional knowledge qualifications via accreditation systems. This is fast becoming a global         trend.

  • CEA accreditation reflects the comparative advantages of numerous core values of independence, self-governance, and the assurance of professional quality.

  • CEA endorsement is the confirmation given as the Entrepreneur in respective profession either in employment or business.

  • CEA focuses on every non-academic working person to be elevated as to the level of traditional academic person in their respective career.

  • CEA does not give a paper certification, but rather the recognition that every Hands on Working Individuals who needs as the supporting pillar to move forward in their         employment or business.

  • CEA wishes to be known as the Knowledge Qualification Certifier

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